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Installation of officers at the annual convention April 9 2018


Leslie Revenell

VFC President


Kathy Arpa

Immediate VFC Past President


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Welcome to the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Virginia Federation of Chapters (VFC) website, www.vanarfe.org.   We are proud of our 46 chapters that extend from Northern Virginia (close to the Nation’s Capitol) to the beaches of Southern Virginia. 
 The VFC has a long history of advising and assisting federal employees and retirees. It was founded April 9, 1955, by NARFE members residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia.   Currently, there are more than 9,000 NARFE members within the 48 traditional Chapters and over 7000 in the Virginia National Division.  These members include current and retired federal employees, spouses, and survivor annuitants.
 Virginia is one of the few states that have a very active State Legislation Program. A State Legislation Plan is developed every year and presented to the Virginia Delegates.   We support State Legislation that strengthens fair and efficient governance and protects the rights, safety and assets of Virginia’s seniors. We invite you to look at our Plan and our newsletter at our website.  
 The VFC is organized by geographic area. There are currently ten VFC Areas and each Chapter is assigned to a particular VFC Area. To find the nearest Chapter, go to the NARFE website, at www.narfe.org, and enter the five digit postal zip code for your location.
 The VFC holds a Convention annually at various locations in Virginia. This year’s convention will be held in Charlottesville from April 8-11, 2018.  The theme is “Virginia Leading the Way” which reflects our mission and emphasizes that Virginia is currently the leader in the Nation in contributions to Alzheimer’s Research.
 NARFE has many priorities, but its top priorities must be recruiting and retention and, of course, legislation.   If we do not unite and work together, we will soon be losing benefits. That is our purpose - to unite and work and vote on issues concerning our benefits.
 NARFE has Service Officers who are available to provide NARFE members, their families and survivors with (1) assistance in contacting the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) concerning benefits and programs, such as civil service annuities, survivor benefits, life insurance, income tax-withholding from annuities and health insurance; and (2) information on other important programs, such as Medicare, Social Security and veterans’ benefits.
 The monthly NARFE Magazine provides essential information such as a powerful message from our NARFE President Richard Thissen, a NARFE Bill Tracker, and changes in health benefits, Medicare, long term care, upcoming conventions and discounts for members.   Each magazine also includes questions and answers for employees and retirees and valuable information about benefits and retirement issues that affect the entire federal community, not just NARFE members.
 As a NARFE member you can receive information at our NARFE National website www.narfe.org, including on-demand webinars, white papers and information about the latest legislative issues.
Help us help you by securing our future and joining NARFE if you are not already a member. 


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Leslie Ravenell
VFC President

Virginia Federation of Chapters Officers

Leslie Ravenell
Colonial Beach
1st Vice-President
Pat Taylor
Newport News
2nd Vice President
Constance Bails
Richard Shrum
Raphael Wong
Potomac Falls
Past President
Kathy Arpa
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