Bobby Whittington Area IV VP

Bobby Whittington joined NARFE in December 2008, when he retired from federal civil service at Norfolk Naval Supply Center, Norfolk Naval Base, VA; where he had served as Security Director for 24-years. Previously, he served in the US Air Force, as a Security Police Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) for 30-years.

Bobby became a member of NARFE Churchland/Portsmouth Chapter 1293 upon joining the organization. He was quickly chosen to be the Membership Chair, which was vacant. In December 2009, he was selected as President of that chapter, replacing Joseph Lee. As such, he attended the VFC Convention, held at Virginia Beach in the Spring of 2010, where he made a point of meeting candidates for VFC and HQ NARFE offices, as well as other NARFE members. He attended various 'breakout' groups including Membership Committee and Alzheimer's Committee groups, as well as the Area IV caucus. Upon his return to his chapter, he influenced the membership to follow VFC's example and established a (modest) goal for Alheimers contributions.

In October 2010, Bobby was selected to replace the retiring Joseph Lee as the Area IV Vice President, and attended the quarterly VFC Conference, where he was administered his oath of office by VFC President William "Bill" Shackelford. He recognizes he has a sharp 'learning curve' ahead, but has begun to update chapter and area listings and newsletters. He has contacted the four other chapter presidents within Area IV (Bobby will continue as the Chapter 1293 president) and intends to meet with all of them, individually and collectively to solicit their support and assistance for the Area IV requirements and initiatives.

Bobby has been married to the former Barbara Furman of Portsmouth, VA, for 56 years. Bobby and Barbara reside in Portsmouth. They have three children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandson, all of whom live in other states.

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