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Deborah O. Fisk

I am a right brained photographer, operating within the space of left brained creatives.  Real Life Photography & Events is a woman owned, family business run by three of us, Mother and two Daughters.   In 12 short years we have maneuvered through highs and lows in our market, but with hard work and careful marketing strategies, Real Life has found its niche.  Our sister photography studio, Hayes & Fisk, caters to high end portraiture and weddings and was established in 1994.

My degree is in Information Technology, but my experience is as diverse as my interests.  I am currently the Executive Secretary of VPPA (Virginia Photography Association) as well as President.  I also serve as a Councilor for PPA (National Photography Association) and have served on my neighborhood Homeowners Board of Directors.

My husband is the annuitant, giving 30 plus years to Federal Service, his last assignment working for the Department of Defense at the Pentagon.  We are members of Chapter 2265, Midlothian.  He serves as Treasurer and I served as Chapter Secretary and currently as Net Coordinator and Membership.  
Last year I worked with Arlene Arthur on the Ballot & Teller Committee.  I was asked to join the Electronic Communications Committee and  serve as Chairman.  The ECC is working diligently devising strategies and programs to assist our membership in the various communications applications which are user friendly and cost effective.

My passion is certainly technology with a smattering of the arts.  However, my recent appointment to State Legislative Officer promises to be a challenge; but, with challenges comes great rewards.  I have worked for almost 13-years, along with colleagues, in a strictly grassroots initiative, on behalf of PPA fighting copyright infringement for small creatives.  Every year we saw our bill get through different stages of the process, only to be left on the desk at the 11th hour.  Fighting for artists’ rights, H.R. 3945, the “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act” (“the CASE Act”) was finally included in one of the last bills passed in December 2020.

I am no stranger to watching legislative websites and sending out early morning messages – “HR 3945 is up for a Vote – Contact Congress, call or email now.”   Watching the process in action is fascinating and quite rewarding, especially when your hard work has made a difference.   It is incumbent on all Americans to have access to proposed legislation and I am excited to know my background may help deliver timely messages that, perhaps, may helpful.      

VFN State Legislation Page

I will work to keep you informed regarding issues important to VFN NARFE members and bring your attention to Virginia Commonwealth legislation that is important to our members.  As the administrator of the VFN NARFE PAC, I will seek your opinion regarding candidates we should support with our dollars and ensure that we have a real voice in the state legislature.

Please check the VFN web site for important updates as they occur in relation to our state legislative priorities. I am planning to develop a network of Area and Chapter Legislative Chairs/Contacts so we we can respond to legislation important to VFN NARFE quickly.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions to pass on, please feel free to contact me at or at (804) 748-8722 (leave a voicemail if I don’t answer!).

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