National  Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

Virginia Federation of Chapters


VFC Notes-August 2005


Serving Current, Former & Retired Federal Civilian Employees-

Spouses and Survivor Annuities



Ann M. Collins


1st Vice President

R. David Smith


2nd Vice President

Vincent R. Agnelli


Robert H. Miller


Robert C. Basford






President’s Message


Each of us has 86,400 seconds of time each day or 31,536,000 seconds each year (60 seconds to one minute, 60 minutes to one hour,  24 hours in one day, and 365 days in one year).  That seems like a lot of time to have on our hands; however, in today’s fast, global environment, there are so many people and activities competing for a piece of those 86,400 seconds each day.  Each of us must decide where to utilize those precious “seconds” of time to provide the most personal benefit.  There are so many choices.  During the coming months, our Virginia NARFE chapter leaders and members will be strongly encouraged to give priority to planning as much time as possible to support NARFE’s collective efforts to raise the general awareness of NARFE in Virginia and to influence our national and state legislators in protecting and preserving the earned retirement benefits for federal civilians.  We have to do it because no one else will do it for us!  WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW TO INCREASE OUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS!


            At the July meeting of the VFC Board of Directors, it became apparent that the VFC has a serious membership challenge.  Although many VFC chapters have shown individual increases in membership and the special VFC Recruitment Project alone generated over 500 new members and/or reinstatements for 2005, there has been only a net increase of 7 members for 2005 for the entire Virginia Federation as of the June 30 reports from National.  The Federation membership total on Dec 31, 2004 was 20,076 and increased barely to 20,083 by the end of June 2005.  Also, at the July meeting the VFC Board adopted several goals, including   a 5 percent net increase in VFC membership during calendar year 2005 (or 1,004 new members by December 31, 2005).  This may appear to be a daunting challenge with only four months (about 122 days) remaining in 2005, however, working  together as a  TEAM of  Federation  and  Chapter  leaders and members, giving NARFE a little of those 10,540,800 seconds of time that will be available to each of us,  WE CAN DO IT! 


            The Virginia Federation is now focusing on a major NARFE awareness campaign across Virginia, emphasizing the 3 “R’s  (not the ones you probably remember from school).  These are RECRUIT, RETAIN, and REWARD. In recruiting, we will seek potential members by identifying every opportunity to raise the awareness of NARFE with our friends, families, colleagues, professional or social organizations, and reaching out into our communities at special events. In retaining, we will be encouraging dues withholding to the maximum and emphasizing to chapters the importance of prompt follow up on non-renewals listed on reports. In  rewarding, at the 2006 VFC Convention, we will be recognizing top recruiters and others that have provided outstanding support to the VFC in raising the awareness of NARFE in Virginia. We want NARFE to become a household name.   Chapter Presidents are encouraged to initiate incentives to reward their members throughout the year for outstanding recruiting and retention efforts at the Chapter level. The Federation officials listed elsewhere in this newsletter are ready to provide guidance to chapters, when needed.


Be sure to VOTE on November 8.  As you know, Virginians will elect a new governor, among other officials. 


I appreciate the many invitations to visit our chapters.  As a result, I have confirmed an ambitious schedule which I will provide Chapter Presidents via email.    As a LIFE member, I consider NARFE’s work a very  important part of my schedule. I look forward to visiting with our chapter leaders and members in the coming months!  Enjoy the beauty of  the  Fall season!

Ann M. Collins


Calendar of VFC Events



Aug 18             NARFE-PAC Event for Rep Drake, Virginia Beach

Aug 26             VFC State Legislation Committee Meeting, Richmond

(VFC SL Chair Carroll Graham)

Aug 26–Sep 3 VFC Sponsored Travel – Canadian Rockies by Rail

Sep 8               Senior Beacon InfoExpo, Springfield

(Chap 893 Pres Joan McDonald)

Sep 21-23       Chapter Management Development Series Symposium, Harrisburg, PA.

(Three VFC Officers will be “jump Start” speakers)

Sept 22-Oct 2  Virginia State Fair

Sep 25-27       VFC Board Meeting, Richmond

Sep 26             NVAN Legislative Forum, Springfield

(Area IX VP Bill Masterson)

Oct 10             Midlothian Chapter 2265 Golf Tournament fund raiser for Alzheimer's research

(Chap 2265 Pres Jim Bradley,)

Oct 20             NOVA TRIAD Conference, Fairfax

(VFC President Ann M. Collins

Oct 24             Woodbridge Chapter 1270 Golf Tournament fund raiser for Alzheimer's research

(Chap 1270 Pres Jim Rice)

Nov 8               GENERAL ELECTIONS (Exercise your right to VOTE)



Jan 14              Deadline for proposed changes to VFC Constitution & Bylaws (C&B) to

VFC Secretary Robert H. Miller) and Chairman, C&B Committee, Mike Michel

Jan 15-17         VFC Board Meeting, Richmond

(Jan 16 Luncheon Speaker, Rep. Eric Cantor, VA 7th District)

Feb 8               Deadline for Chapters to submit resolutions to VFC Secretary

(VFC Secretary Robert H. Miller)

Apr 24-26        VFC Board Meeting and

2006 VFC Convention, Richmond

Sep 10-14        NARFE National Convention, Albuquerque, NM



Innovative Project:  Kudos to Vince and Marlean Agnelli, Seaside Chapter 1827, who spearheaded the "Virginia Recruitment Project," which alone generated over 500 new members and/or reinstatements for 2005. This project has set the model for use by NARFE nationwide.

Top Recruiter:  Kudos to Joe Beaudoin, VFC Immediate Past President, Winchester Chapter 180, who has already recruited over 30 new members during 2005.

Extraordinary Support to VFC:  Kudos to Bob Drake, Springfield Chapter 893 Secretary, who responded to the VFC President's urgent call when the VFC database crashed in May 2005.  Within a couple of days, Bob had designed and programmed a new database which will be used for future updates by incoming Database Coordinator Mag Garth, Winchester Chapter 180.

Outstanding Service to VFC: Kudos to Walt Kahle, Outgoing VFC Database Coordinator, for many years of dedicated and outstanding service to the Federation.  Walt also served on the VFC Electronics Communications Committee and the National Communications Advisory Committee, 

Exceptional Support to VFC: Kudos to DIck Murphy, VFC SeniorNavigator Liaison, for volunteering to coordinate the verification of inputs and data entry updates utilizing the new database in order to have an updated Chapter Directory completed for the July VFC Board Meeting. 

1st Vice President’s Report

Area Vice Presidents are getting off to a good start in the new year since the VFC State Convention, with assisting their respective chapters.  Most have already had their first area council of chapters meetings.  Since the Convention, the VFC President has appointed Joseph Lee to the position of Area IV Vice President.  I have participated in Area Meetings in Areas I, III, IV, VII and VIII thus far.  It is good to participate in these meetings to get a better understanding of the challenges and successes from the various chapter presidents, plus the opportunity to share what information and experience I may have in the various programs.

Area III has begun work in sponsoring the April 24-26, 2006 VFC State Convention in Richmond.  I have also met with Area VIII concerning the 2007 Convention in Fredericksburg.  It’s not too soon for Areas and/or chapters to begin considering sponsorship of the 2008 Convention.  Sponsoring the convention is an opportunity for chapters to work together in a common goal, as well as, the opportunity to earn funds for the chapters’ treasuries.  If your area or chapter is interested let me hear from you.

Recruitment and retention of NARFE’s membership continues to be our number one goal for this year.  We spent a good deal of time discussing membership at both the July VFC Board of Directors meeting and at the Region X Presidents’ Conference the first of August.  During the latest conference, the Federation Vice Presidents had a breakout session to discuss the retention challenges our organization faces and to develop an action plan to address the retention issue.

Some of the challenges/problems discussed included:  What has NARFE done for me today?  What have been our legislative results?  We need a better way to toot our own horn.  Data base problems need to be further addressed at National.  Members need to keep their address and e-mail updated to receive information.  Chapter meetings and programs could stand some improvement.  More people need to be willing to devote time and take responsibility to be more effective leaders.

To address some of these issues, the group recommended these actions: Federations should set the example for Chapters – “Show How It’s Done” in leadership, training, assistance in programs and planning meetings. Headquarters should develop a one page fact sheet on “What has NARFE Done for Individuals.”  NARFE needs to work for a “Win” in National Legislation.  Headquarters needs to hire a Director of Retention.  Federations and Chapters should encourage Dues Withholding.  Chapters should be encouraged to “work” the monthly M-112 (new members, late pays, drops and prospects).  Federations should provide oversight and monitoring of chapters through District/Area Vice Presidents. Newsletters for chapters without them should be encouraged at the Area or Federation level to include chapter/area news and chapters should be willing to pay for the publication and mailing.

Some of these suggestions could be implemented in Virginia and hopefully make us a stronger organization, particularly in membership retention efforts.  Some of the issues raised are already being addressed nationally, but there is much room for action at the chapter level. The federation officers and program chairs are willing and able to assist the chapters.  Just call upon us for assistance when you need it. 

R. David Smith



Phase I of the Virginia Federation Recruitment Project, which began on February 25, 2005, came to a very successful conclusion on July 30.  As you may recall, our mailing list provided by National, consisted of prospects and former members in Virginia dating back to January 2002.  All of these potential members had been published at one time or another on the Chapter M112 lists but, for whatever reasons, never joined or rejoined NARFE.

The “prospects” were an accumulation of names and addresses of people who have contacted NARFE Headquarters for information.  The “former member list”, of course, contained names and addresses of our well meaning, but ill-advised friends and acquaintances.

We mailed two letters to these groups, one in late February and one in late April.  Our total universe was about 5,500.  By the end of Phase I of the project, 514 of the people on the list had joined as new members and/or reinstatements.

By the end of August 2005, we will produce, by chapter, the names and addresses of  the new members and distribute them to the chapters through the Area Vice Presidents.  All of the names on your list will probably have already been posted on your monthly M112 under  various categories and mixed in with new and reinstated members from other sources, i.e., National Office efforts and chapter activity.  The list you will get from the VFC Project will be a “final report” to you on the results of Phase I.  You will see that the total of $10,000, which was spent on the project (the cost of the project was shared with National 50/50 money), has returned over $17,000 in dues money from these new members ~a sound investment, indeed!

Please note that we labeled this part of the project as Phase I.  This usually means that there is a Phase II ~ and there is!  We know that those on our list who did not join during Phase I are still our best prospects for recruitment.  However, we had not settled on the best way to “stay in touch” with them after Phase I.  Well, thanks to Mary Kay Parker, 2nd Vice President of Metro Area Chapter 1665 (Northern VA), we have the answer.

Phase II belongs to the chapters and their Membership Committees.  Phase II will begin early in October 2005.  We will break down the remaining 5,000 or so names and addresses on our mailing list, by chapter, in alpha sequence.  These lists will be distributed by the Area Vice Presidents in the hope that the chapter Membership Committees will make contact with these potential members.  We believe that, using this mailing list, contact at the chapter level (for which there is no substitute) can increase our membership statewide by another 500 to 1,000.

You will not be in this effort alone.  We have some ideas that will help the Membership Chairs and Committees, AND WE WILL WORK WITH YOU.  However, since this sort of thing usually includes spending money, we will have to get approval first.  More soon.  Much, much more!

Vincent R. Agnelli 2nd VP  

Highlights of the July 2005 VFC Board Meeting

The VFC Board of Directors met in Richmond on July 25-27, 2005, and adopted the following goals for 2005-06:

* 5 percent net increase in VFC membership during 2005 calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2005).

* 15 percent net increase in members under Dues Withholding

 over two years (Jan 1, 2005Dec 31, 2006)

* $85,000 contributions to NARFE-PAC during  (Jan 1, 2005

Dec 31, 2006).

* $30,000 contributions to VFC State Political Fund for 2005-06 (12 months through June 2006)

* $55,000 contributions to Alzheimer's during 2005 calendar

year (adopted by Alzheimer's Committee and approved by

delegates at the 2005 VFC Convention)

The VFC Board took the following actions:

* Adopted a budget for 2005-06 (July-June) of $103,750.

* Approved Chapter elected officer training at three or four locations during February-March 2006 at a cost to be determined by the VFC Executive Committee.

 (approved at Apr 27 Board meeting)

* Agreed to continue Area Coordinators at the option of Area Vice Presidents.

* Removed restriction on Chapter visits by AVPs.

Robert H. Miller,, Secretary 


National Legislation

At the quarterly meeting 2nd Vice President Vince Agnelli asked me to rank the security of our retirement benefits on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being least secure, and 10 being totally secure.  I hazarded a 5.

I said “five” because there is movement in the House to distance Congress from the profligate spending patterns that we’ve been seeing during the past 4 years.  With both the Legislative and Executive branches of Government in the hands of one party there has been little incentive to show restraint, but now Congress may be getting nervous.  Specifically, on May 11 Rep. Jeb Hensarling, (R-TX-5th) introduced H.R. 2290, to reform federal budget procedures, to impose spending safeguards, to combat waste, fraud, and abuse, etc., etc.  It’s a big bill.

Its changes would require budget resolutions (in some years Congress couldn’t reconcile spending priorities and made do without a budget resolution), and it would require the President to sign budget resolutions.  It would put federal budgeting, appropriations, and strategic planning on a biennial basis, rather than the annual fiscal year process we all grew to know and love.  It would establish a rainy day fund.  It would reduce the federal debt ceiling from $6.4 trillion to about $4.4 trillion (and I assume the current debt is probably close to the latter figure). 

Most importantly to us, Hensarling’s bill would clamp down on increases in entitlement programs such as federal retirement.  Social Security is exempt from the clampdown, and Medicare A, but not Medicare B.   It would freeze spending for what the Congressional Research Service (CRS) calls “unearned entitlement [Medicaid?] and high-cost discretionary program(s) [FEHBP?].”  It would provide for accrual funding of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, and that federal agencies get appropriations to pre-fund health benefits costs of retirees. 

The bill currently has 89 co-sponsors, including three Virginians (Reps. Jo Ann Davis, Eric Cantor, and Virgil Goode), and current thinking seems to be that this bill will not progress to passage.  But some think that Majority Leader DeLay wants to see something along these lines actively pursued after Congress returns from its August break.  National has provided an estimate (whether their own or from CRS I don’t know) that the Hensarling bill would cut federal retirement costs by $127 billion over 10 years, or more in one year than Premium Conversion would cost over those same 10 years.  So stay alert – watch the GEMS e-mails closely. And in this regard, the current (as of early August) COLA increase is calculated at 2.7 percent.  Whatever comes in January, cherish it – it might be a while before we see full COLA’s paid again.

Charles Delaplane National Legislation  

Public Relations

As the newly appointed Public Relations Chair, I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Carolyn Wilson and I am currently the President of Colonial Heights Chapter 1472.  I retired from the Defense Acquisition University, at Fort Lee, VA  in 1994 after almost 32 years of Government service in the Department of Defense, starting at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA. I joined NARFE five years ago after returning to the Chester, VA area.  As some of you can relate to, I immediately became 1st Vice President and am completing my second year as President.

As the Public Relations Chair for the VFC, I hope to be able to rise the awareness of what NARFE is and what it can do for all current and retired Federal employees.  Some of my plans include visiting each area COC in the next two years and working with the Public Relations Coordinator developing a plan of action for each area, as each area has unique opportunities for public awareness.  I also want to get a copy of the NARFE Magazine in each library in the state of VA. 

I will be working closely with Barbara Nugent, recently appointed Pre-Retirement Seminar Coordinator, and Senior Navigator Liaison, Richard Murphy getting the word out about NARFE.

The new slogan for Region X which was recently adopted by the President's Conference is: NARFE-Your Future-Our Focus, let all of the members of the VFC know what the slogan is and how we can use it in a campaign to attract new members.

Carolyn Wilson, VFC Public Relations Chair


In Memoriam

Monroe W. Williamson, 90, a retired personnel manager with the old Post Office Department and the NARFE treasurer for 14 years died July 3 at his home in Alexandria,VA He had Alzheimer's disease. Monroe was born in Tuckerman, AR, and moved to the Washington Area in 1934 to work with the General Accounting Office and later at the Civil Service Commission. He joined  the Post Office Department in 1959 and retired in 1971 as compensation manager.  He received a degree from George Washington University and took graduate courses at American University.

After retiring, he served as a consultant for National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) and for National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS). Beginning in 1974 until 1988, was NARFE treasurer, having been elected seven times at NARFE conventions. From 1976-80, the secretary and treasurer positions were combined and Monroe served in a dual capacity.  During his NARFE service, he participated in the more than doubling of NARFE membership, computerization of records, and a substantial increase in advertising revenue for "Retirement Life". He was a member of Chapter 7, Arlington and was a delegate to the Northern Virginia Caucus of Chapters.

Joanne Brummel (1935-2005) passed away on 21 July 2005 at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital in Gloucester after a lengthy illness. She was President of the Middle Peninsula Chapter 1757 and a former VFC Membership Chair. She was a dedicated advocate for NARFE and senior issues. Before retirement, Joanne served as an Administrative Assistant with the Department of the Army. Joanne lived in Gloucester and was a member of St. Therese Catholic Church.


Membership Report

As your new VFC Membership Chair, I have a “tough act to follow”.  Joan Marvel has more than adequately held down two chairs, not only Membership but Publicity as well.  I only hope I can hold up my end dealing with membership.  In 2004, there were over 24,000 new NARFE members nationally, but the organization lost over 40,000 and for the first six months of 2005 NARFE lost over 20,000, obviously this cannot continue.  While there was a small increase in membership in Virginia, it is not a certainty that this will continue without diligence on the part of VFC members. 

The VFC, at its July Board meeting, addressed the need to increase membership and the retention of current members by adopting  a goal of a 5 percent net increase in VFC membership during 2005 calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2005) and a 15% increase in members under dues withholding over two years (Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2006)

At the end of 2004, VFC had 20,076 and end of Jun 2005 we had 20,083 or a net increase of only 7 members. While we had a good number of new members, we were overwhelmed by non-renewals.   To meet our goal for this year we need a net increase of 1004 by end of Dec. The membership increase is “doable” with the active participation of Chapter members.  Chapters can reach their dues withholding goal by advertising this feature and pointing out the dues cost saving through dues withholding.   Also, to maintain membership it is also important for chapters to make very effort to contact personally all non-renewals.  Not only is this personal contact a good way to remind members that their renewal is overdue but the chapter can identify special needs the member may be experiencing which are causing the non-renewal. When a member indicates they would like to renew send them a Form M-1 “Reinstatement Card” filled out to include the member’s name and NARFE membership number plus the amount for dues. To add further incentive, include a stamped envelope addresses to NARFE HQ, ATTN: Membership Services. Should there be a member’s death, encourage the spouse to become a member first by using the unused portion of the member’s membership. 

Chapters should also review old membership roles to identify lapsed members.  Personal phone calls are effective in encouraging lapsed members to renew. 

Dennis K. Martin Membership


Area I Report

Things are quiet in Area 1 at the present time as the chapters are dark, except for Peninsula Chapter 682.  We hope that all our members are having a well deserved rest, are enjoying the summer and will be energized and raring to go in September.

I’m sorry to report that Joanne Brummel, President - Middle Peninsula Chapter 1757, and former VFC Membership Chair, passed away in July after a lengthy illness.  Joanne was in her third term as chapter president and will be greatly missed by her chapter as well as by friends in the NARFE community. She had a great sense of humor, was always sending me e-mail jokes and I’ll miss her. If you would like to send a card to her family, her sister’s address is 7967 Pinetta Road, Gloucester VA 23061.

Chapter 1757 is a rural chapter with mostly elderly members and has had problems, in the past, finding a full slate of chapter officers. Members have been reluctant to step forward and fill these positions. Paul Componation, Chapter 1757 VP and also a past President, has taken over the chapter and vowed that he doesn’t want to see the chapter close and will do his best to keep it active. We will follow this chapter’s situation closely and provide VFC assistance, if required.

Williamsburg Chapter 685 is beginning a new initiative that other chapters might want to consider. It sends out a  bi monthly newsletter, essential for communicating with the members, but costly and a strain on the chapter treasury. To generate more revenue, I contacted three local retirement centers and asked if they were interested in placing ads in the newsletter. They look on NARFE members as potential residents and all have given me a positive response.  I hope to sign them all up to an annual contract, which should more than cover the newsletter costs.  A caution, I think that commercial ads will work only if you mail your newsletters using first class postage.

Peninsula Chapter 682 is planning a picnic lunch in August at the Newport News Deer Run Pavilion. The “All American Cookout” will be held in the comfort of an air-conditioned outdoor setting. All Area 1 chapters have been invited and we are hoping for a big turnout.

As requested, all chapters have submitted VFC Political Fund requests for candidates they support  in the fall 2005 General Assembly election. Contributions to the Fund have been less than overwhelming, to date. This is partly due to the lack of any “hot button” issues as was the case in the last election. I believe it is important, however, to support the Political Fund and to keep the good will of our local representatives in the General Assembly. I encourage all chapters to contribute to the VFC Political Fund between now and election day in November.

In Area 1 we have been concentrating on membership recruiting and  retention. Marie Collins, Chapter 682, has held Pre-retirement seminars at Ft Monroe and Ft Eustis, signing up 10 employees, and, in addition, has recruited 12 new members personally. Many thanks to Marie and the Chapter 682 members for all your hard work!

Area 1 chapter voting membership totals 1,306 as of 30 June 2005, showing a slight decrease from the 1,318 at the beginning of the year. Despite intensive recruiting efforts, we are not gaining enough new members to offset deaths, non-renewals, and transfers out. We need to place more emphasis on retention of members in 2005. If you have any suggestions on improving retention , I’d like to hear from you.

Ralph Hoyle, Area I VP


Area II The political ball game as I see it.

First let me convey to all civilian and military retirees in the Second Congressional District and especially to NARFE members that we are in a political card game. We must all realize that in this game, the deck is stacked against us. The result of this game is that we could loose many of the benefits we now enjoy. Congress is considering items such as Annuity Reductions, Reductions in Health Provisions, Prescription Medications etc.

If you have not done so, Please review pages 13, 14 and especially page 16 of the August 2005 Retirement Life.

Gems Hot Line message of July 29, 2005, contained the following information:

"The upcoming September issue of NARFE magazine will report on a bill which may be considered by the House this fall that could automatically reduce federal civilian and military retirement and other entitlement programs. A version of such legislation, introduced earlier this year by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) as H.R. 2290, would cut federal retirement by $127 billion over ten years. NARFE officers and members should be prepared to contact their lawmakers and are encouraged to keep up-to-date through this Legislative Hotline for specific instructions about related legislation after the summer recess. At present, using the postcards in the August magazine will remind Members of Congress of the numerous, active federal retirees in their states and districts."

Good timely information and great advice. We need to act immediately.

Ernie Kerekes Area II VP 


Area III News

In Richmond as I write these notes the temperature is over 100 degrees and people are wondering why.  Well, I know why – the VFC Board of Directors have been in town since Sunday, the same day the weather started getting hot.  I know we had some heated discussions at the Board meeting but I didn’t think they were that hot.  Speaking of the VFC Board, did you know that there are six (6) people on the Board from Area 3?  Yes, six (6) – Dave Smith from the Midlothian Chapter is the VFC 1st VP; Carroll Graham from the Tuckahoe Chapter is the new State Legislation Chair; Oscar Huneycutt of the Tuckahoe Chapter is the State Legislative Representative; Carolyn Wilson of the Colonial Heights Chapter is the new Public Relations Chair; Barbara Nugent of the Colonial Heights Chapter is the new Pre-Retirement Seminar Coordinator; and you reelected me as your Area 3 Vice President.  I think this representation stands very well for Area 3.

It is about time for most of the Chapters in Area 3 to come out of their summer hibernation and get back to the business of being a NARFE Chapter.  Is this hibernation something like the summer break for school kids?

In my last VFC Notes I mentioned that I learned that each Chapter is as different as the stars in the sky.  Some are alive with a lot of energy and upbeat, yet others seem to be downcast and just doing their same thing again and again.  What kind of chapter are you going to be this year?

As our Federation President has said on many occasions, “PLAN THE WORK AND WORK THE PLAN”!

Remember, as your Vice President I am available to assist you with your Chapter development and movement, and on top of that all of the VFC Officers and Committee Chairs are also available to assist you.

Robert H. BoydArea III VP

Burma Shave

Report from Area IV

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the officers of VFC for selecting me as Area 4 Vice President. I know that many challenges are before us that may require special effort and attention to keep our organization strong and responsive to our supporting members. I look forward to working in consonance with the officers of VFC in achieving the objectives set forth before us. I have been a member of NARFE for approximately sixteen years and have served as a Chapter Treasurer and President. There is still a lot to learn and do as I know I will require assistance fonn time to time. I wish everyone a favorable concluding summer vacation.

A general overview of Area 4 Chapters is provided for information and status awareness.

Chapter 63, Portsmouth: President Charles T. Battle

  1. No meetings were held in July and August.
  2. Two officer positions are filled - President and Treasurer. Efforts are being made to improve meeting attendance and better functional operation of the Chapter.

Chapter 1293, Churchland: President Joseph D. Lee

No meetings were held in July and August.

  1. Officer and Chair positions are presently filled and functioning well.
  2. New officer and Chair positions will be selected and installed in December '05.
  3. Information/Membership Drive planned for portion of August and September at Chesapeake Square Mall.
  4. Postcards/letters have been sent to respective parties (Warner - Allen - Scott - Forbes) with the desire of obtaining favorable responses.

Chapter 1682, Chesapeake: President Melvin C. Hall

  1. No meeting was held in July.
  2. Primary officer positions filled and functioning well. Chair positions of Legislation, Alzheimers, and Service are vacant but expected to filled in September '05.

Chapter 1697, Brentwood: President Walter Broadnax

  1. Officer positions and Chair positions filled and functioning well.
  2. Special Dinner Program is held in June and December. Chapter pays 12 the cost of dinner for members attending.
  3. Service Officer Allen Earnhardt is active with Service needs at the Northern Star Credit Union on George Washington Highway in Chesapeake.

Chapter 1743, Suffolk: President Ferrin S. Wright

  1. Officer and chair positions filled.
  2. Special Program - A matching funds request is in process for a vendors booth at the Suffolk Peanut Festival in mid October as a special opportunity to solicit new members and promote greater awareness of NARFE to those attending.

Joseph D. Lee VFC Area 4  VP


Area V Notes

Since the last issue of VFC Notes it has been rather slow with the Area V Chapters, in that four of them do not meet during the months of July and August.  However, they will all be in full swing come September.  To really get the new season in full swing I urge each Chapter to kick off a full-fledged recruitment program.  Membership in our Area decreased by five during the months of March – June.  I know that doesn’t sound very large but if a downward trend continues, just think what will happen to NARFE and to our annuities. 

As you know the Federal Government is faced with a large deficit, which means that they have to figure out a way to deal with it.  In a situation like this they begin to look at annuities.  If that happens it will be the annuities of retired Federal employees.  With this in mind, we need to stay in constant contact with our Senators and Representatives to let them know the adverse impact that reducing our annuities will have upon each of us.  This means that we need more members to give us additional clout, therefore we need to initiate a strong recruitment program.  And it needs to be done NOW. Thank you for your hard work, PLEASE keep it going.

Jim Nobles Area V VP  

v     Tact is the unsaid part of what you are thinking


Area VI news:

Ann Collins recently told me that "I've hit the ground running" as the newly elected AVP for Area VI in Southwest Virginia.  My response was to let her know that I do take my oaths seriously and have now committed myself to doing the job that George Hawkins asked me to do. Ann is right about my actions...I felt it was important to visit each of the four chapters in Southwest Virginia as soon as possible so that I could be introduced by George Hawkins officially (to some as the nominee and others as the new AVP) and it was at these early meetings that I discovered there was going to be a couple of Postal Service Conventions in our "neck of the woods" and my members and officers suggested that it was a perfect opportunity to do some recruitment efforts.  We have now used the NARFE Display and membership pamphlets/ applications/ and 100 magazines to plant seeds at the Rural Carrier Convention in Collinsville (where I partnered with Jim Nobles for two days and took my local/area/state/national Legislative Representative, John Shone (retired NASA) to answer the questions I might not have the answer to and feel it was time well spent!  I also assisted George Hawkins, Murle Cash, and newly elected President Betty Poff from my local chapter in Roanoke to utilize the same display/pamphlets/applications and magazines to talk with the PostMasters Convention at Hotel Roanoke.

Last week I received $8 for the first application passed out with my membership number on it--and know that most of the applications had the actual workers at the events membership numbers on it. I also attended our recent VFC Board Meeting in Richmond where I saw and understood more about the work ahead and feel excited and humbled by this unique opportunity to learn more about our organization and to represent all of you who have entrusted the tasks as AVP for me to do. I look forward to the busy days ahead as we all strive harder to support our legislators with the money it takes to gain their support in protecting our benefits and annuities and recognizing we are aware of the Social Security changes and know that the same things could happen to those of us who chose to be federal workers or civil servants. As one who is still working full time (thirty-two years service) I have witnessed the fact that they want us to do three times the work with one third the staff and do it better.  So I am answering this challenge along with the challenge to work within NARFE to see that we do the job right and receive the rewards of the good work we have done.  We need your prayers, your financial support to deal with the changing legislators, and your willingness to make calls to invite new members to join us!

Will YOU answer the call of the challenges ahead?!  I am only one, but I am one and I am on the job now! "United we stand."

Elaine H. Caudill, AVP VI

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AREA VII Article

            The five chapters in Area VII are Charlottesville 135, Harrisonburg 163, Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro 178, Winchester 180, and Page Valley 1793. All chapters were active during the reporting period.  The Harrisonburg Chapter had several interesting speakers, but one in particular warrants citing. Kim Koeppen, Valley District Chairperson for the Virginia Juvenile Justice Association, whose parents are NARFE members, spoke on “Gangs in the Harrisonburg Area.”  Page Valley held its July meeting in the Shenandoah National Park where the members were hosted and given a guided tour by Park Rangers (and potential NARFE members).  Winchester was honored in having Dr. Dan Galvan, NARFE Vice President, as it speakers in July. His wife was also a guest. In a subsequent letter, Dr, Galven wrote that the audience at the chapter meeting was the largest he ever attended.

            Following the VFC Board meeting in July, an area-wide meeting of the five Chapter Presidents was held in Staunton, on August 8, hosted by Dick Murphy.   Other chapter Presidents participating were Neal McKendry, Page Valley; Albert Lilliendahl, Harrisonburg: Richard Taylor, Charlottesville, and Glenn Zech, Winchester.  Also participating were Barbara Wilson (Winchester), Area VII Membership Coordinator; Sue Taylor (Charlottesville); Steve Bush (Winchester), Area VII National Legislation Coordinator: Milton Boyce (Winchester), Chapter Vice President: and David Smith (Midlothian), VFC 1st Vice President.  Issues discussed at the July Board meeting were addressed in the area meeting, with special attention on member recruitment and retention.  It is apparent that all Chapters are directing attention and efforts on membership but overall the area is barely keeping even. The Chapter Presidents expressed their commitment to recruiting but explained that opportunities are somewhat limited by the lack of government facilities in their Chapter area and the area is experiencing limited population growth.  On the other hand, Winchester is experiencing a building boom with many new residents relocating from Northern Virginia. Other substantive matters addressed were the effective use of Area Program Coordinators, State Legislation and the Political Account Fund, chapter participation in recommending Political Account Fund distribution to State legislators, Chapter officer training, Senior Navigator, new VANARFE web site ( and its potential benefit for all chapters, effective use of chapter newsletters, and the NARFE Chapter Management Development Symposium in Harrisburg, Pa.  Dick Murphy, VFC Senior Navigator Liaison, discussed his work and plans. The consensus on having Area Program Coordinators is that coordinators represent an additional organizational level that is not needed.  Area VII Program Coordinators will be continued for the remaining of the program year but their program contributions will be reassessed before reappointing Area Coordinators.

            Finally, the contribution to the area meeting by Dave Smith was invaluable and his participation in agenda discussions was greatly appreciated.  Dave had just returned from the NARFE Region X meeting, which was helpful in reporting on some of the agenda subjects.

Glenn Zech, Area VII VP




Area VIII Report

      In June, seven of the eight area chapters attended an area meeting in Fredericksburg.  We were very fortunate to have Dave Smith, VFC 1st VP and Vince Agnelli, VFC 2nd VP attending.  The main topic was Membership Recruitment and Retention.  A lively and informative session was conducted by the Vince Agnelli.   The presentation was excellent and all attendees actively participated.  We were also pleased that the new Area 8 Membership Coordinator Jean King was with us.  Jean is also the 2nd VP and Membership Chair for the Louisa Chapter 2065.  In addition to membership, we also had excellent presentations on National and State Legislative items.  Leading those discussions were Dave Smith and our own National Legislative Coordinator Mike Anderson and State Legislative Coordinator Jon Baer.  Mike is also President of the Falls Run Chapter 2343.  Closing out the meeting was an excellent overview and explanation of the new VFC Web Page and communications items which was conducted by Stan Palen, VFC Co-Webmaster. We plan to have a follow up area meeting in October following the Chapter Management Development Symposium which will be held in Harrisburg PA.  Sure hope that many of the area members are able to make that meeting.

      Area 8’s membership continues to show gradually grow.  Thru June, there were 1,994 members which is up 38 from January’s 1,956.  Chapter’s 90-Fredericksburg is up 20 and 2343-Falls Run up 19.  It’s my opinion, that in addition to the hard work of these two chapter Presidents, membership chairs, and all the chapter members, the efforts of  2nd VP Vince Agnelli and his letter campaign are paying off.  One effort I would like to highlight though is the Saturday “Federal Benefits Seminar” offered by the Fredericksburg Chapter.  While all may attend, it is primarily intended for Current Federal Employees.   According to Richard Geary, Chapter 90 President, the seminars have been well attended and CFEs are showing interest in joining.  We hope to have a report from Richard on this effort at our next area meeting.

      I hope that everyone is having a great summer even though the weather is so very hot.  Please be careful, drive safely and I hope to see you all when I visit your chapter.  

      Bill Martin, Area VIII VP  

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AREA IX Report

All Chapters in Area 9 are to be commended for the good work they did in holding on to their current members and  for recruiting new members. Three chapters gained members and three chapters lost members, but Area IX had a 0.468% gain at the end of June 2005 when compared to December 2004 membership. The 3 chapters gaining members were Alexandria, Manassas and Woodbridge. Manassas had the largest percentage increase at 5.833%, with Woodbridge really close behind at 4.923%. Congratulations to Manassas and Woodbridge. Maybe the rest of us should contact Manassas and Woodbridge chapters to find out what they are doing to increase their membership.

Northern Virginia Aging Network (NVAN) is a coalition of providers and advocates on behalf of Virginia’a aging population. Area IX and X will participate in the planning of the NVAN Legislative Forum and Breakfast on September 26, 2005. NVAN-NARFE-AARP are co-sponsors of the Forum again this year. Shirley Martin, VFC Area X State Legislative Coordinator, will be representing the VFC President. At the forum.

This will be a great opportunity to have breakfast and at the same time discuss issues with your Delegate and/or Candidate for Delegate. The Forum will be at Greenspring, 7410 Spring Village Drive, Springfield, VA. The price will be $15.00. Free shuttle service from the parking lot. Save the date. More information and reservation forms will be available soon.

Chapter and Federation Management Development Series

Several members in Area 9 are planning to attend the upcoming Chapter and Federation Management Development Series. The theme of the Series, Sharing Experiences, Building Relationships crystallizes what will be an exciting and educational event for those who are planning to attend.

Bill Masterson Area IX VP


News from Area X

            Area X helped man a NARFE information table at the Senior Symposium sponsored by Congressman Jim Moran in June. Bob Miller, VFC Secretary, Bill Masterson, and Bill Willis answered questions and handed out NARFE materials to a very well attended symposium. Area X will participate in the 2005 Northern Virginia TRIAD Conference for Senior Virginians in Fairfax in October.

            At the Area 10 Council of Chapter Presidents’ Council meeting on July 12 ways were discussed to involve actively employed NARFE members or others unable to attend daytime chapter meetings in NARFE activities. Scheduling a dinner meeting at a central location near public transportation was suggested. Since this would be an area-wide activity, interest would be solicited in all the chapter newsletters.

            Presidents attending the meeting noted that real estate taxes were increasing rapidly and that most NARFE members would not meet the real estate means test. They thought there should be a cap on the tax rate and that the means test ceiling should be raised.

            Those attending voiced concern that there was a lack of information on health, Medicare, and Medicaid issues and drug costs getting out to NARFE members. There also was a concern that the state funds for investigation of nursing homes and assisted living facilities should not be reduced, but instead increased.

            Area X plans to have at least 7 representatives at the Harrisburg Chapter Management Symposium, September 21-23.

William A. Willis, Area x VP  


The VFC Web Page

The VFC web page has moved to a new host with a new URL address of  The old address will work for a while longer and will redirect you to our new page.  We now have more space to work with and have more options at the same time getting it for much less money. Please bookmark the new page.

Each chapter  has their own space on the VFC web site which can be reached in several ways.   One way is first go to the VFC web page, then click on the list of chapters, then click on numbers, and then click on your chapter number. You may need to page down to see your chapter number. However, the most direct way is to type in where XXXX is your chapter number.   If your area has a web page, type in your area number in Roman number instead of the chapter number.  If your chapter wants to manage its own web page, I can arrange file space and a password. Otherwise Sidney Sachs will continue to update your chapter’s information.  Just email the information or changes to him. If you want your chapter newsletters posted on the web,  email it to him in almost any format.

I will be also be setting up a web page area for the VFC program chairs so that chapters can get the latest information from the six program areas: Nat. Legislation, State Leg, Membership, PR, Service and Alzheimer's. They should email the information to me at  They may manage their own space if they wish.

The VFC is striving to keep the web page information as up to date as possible. We are also maintaining a large number of links on the left hand side of the web page. The links contain all kinds of information of interest to NARFE members locally and statewide as well as seniors in general. There is a link for finding your legislators and their contact information. If you find links that do not work or errors that need fixing or additional useful links, please email me - Stan Palen,

As a new service to our chapters, we can make available vanarfe email addresses that can be given out to their officers.  Emails sent to these addresses will be forwarded to the proper person’s own  email address.  For example, the president of your chapter email address can be  This way the email address could remain the same even when there is a change.  The chapter email address could be The only thing one would have to is let me know what the new forward address is.

            The new host for our web site is   We selected them as our host based on recommendations from another federation and they are one of the few low cost hosts based in the US. There is a logo for 1and1 on the VFC web site. If you want a personal or business web page please click on the logo and check out their features.  If you sign up through our site, the VFC will get a credit toward our web page expenses.

Stan Palen, Stan Palen Co-WebMaster.


State Legislation

I am your new State Legislation chair who with your continuous support and most needed contributions and help will seek to implement your Virginia Federation's State Legislative progress in the upcoming 2006 General Assembly.  At our most recent statewide VFC Convention in April 2005, a resolution was passed to "initiate action in the General Assembly to cap real estate assessments for persons 65 and older who own and occupy their residences, and that such a cap remain in effect until the real property ownership is transferred at which time any new assessment would take effect.”

In the upcoming race for governor on November 8, the Republican Candidate, former Attorney General, Jerry W. Kilgore; and the Democratic Candidate, Lt. Governor, Timothy M. Kaine, have property tax proposals; the former a constitutional proposal to limit the rate of increase in tax assessments to 5% a year; the latter to give local governments the authority to offer homestead exemption of up to 20% of the value of homes and farms which would require an amendment to the Virginia Constitution as well.

Other issues for the 2006 General Assembly will be developed by your State Legislation Committee at the end of August and presented to the VFC Board for approval in the latter part of September. Some of the VFC objectives approved last year will be carried over into the upcoming 2006 General Assembly session. These issues deal with long-term health care, i.e., home care; maintain and/or improve financial aid and services in the areas of Medicaid, Transportation, and Nursing Homes quality of care standards in regards to current and future needs for federal annuitants.

As the late U. S. Speaker of the House, Congressman Tip O'Neill said, "all politics is local” and on November 8, 2005, all 100 State of Virginia Delegate positions are up for election. Virginia NARFE has a sincere interest in protecting the benefits of active and retired federal employees, as well as for all senior Virginians. Issues include the age deduction, rising health and drug costs, rising real estate taxes plus legislation governing nursing and assisted living facilities. We need sponsored and co-sponsored bills introduced by local delegates from the Commonwealth and approved by these delegates in the General Assembly. And, we need Virginia NARFE member financial contributions to our VFC State Political Account to support the Delegates who champion issues we are supporting. We must make a-substantive contribution to their upcoming election or re-election to get their help in the 2006 General Assembly. We have a 2005-2006 fiscal year goal of $30,000, presently; we are at less than 50% of that amount. You can contribute year round. Our State Legislation Committee is also receiving recommendations from your VFC Area Vice Presidents as to which local delegates our chapters are supporting. Verbal support is not enough-we need your individual member financial support for these candidates to care. Use the coupon (below) now and send your individual contribution to assist our cause in supporting the issues of importance and Delegates who will help us as federal retirees and seniors around the state.

J. Carroll Graham State Legislation Chair








e-mail address:________________________

Retired Y/N_____If working show employer

         Required by State Board of Elections

Employer Name_______________________________

Employer Address_____________________________

Make check payable to:

VFC STATE POLITICAL ACCOUNT and mail to             J. Carroll Graham

             VFC Legislative Chair

              1307 Forest Ave

              Richmond VA 23229-5805




























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Andy Rooney


Alzheimer's Report

1985 - 2005!!  For twenty years, NARFE has had an agreement with the national Alzheimer's Association, Chicago, to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. And we have been successful. Since inception through June 30,'05 NARFE has supported the Alzheimer's Association research program with donations totaling $5,974,056.64. The present national goal is "7 million by '07". With a little extra effort by all Federations we can meet this goal in early '07.

The Virginia Federation(VFC) is leading the way with donations this calendar year totaling $28,698.50 through July 30 toward our goal of $55,000.00. With the continuing individual member and chapter donations and the special projects planned for the coming months - golf tournaments, yard sales, silent auctions, raffles, travel, bake sales and projects I don't know about we should meet our goal, maybe even exceed the goal.

Questions are frequently asked about the research supported by NARFE. In brief, about 30 research projects have received NARFE funds, covering a wide range of research effort. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of California, New York University and many others have received grants. Brain imaging, genetic factors, anti-inflammatory therapy, communication abilities of persons with Alzheimer’s, early detection of Alzheimer’s and the development of amyloid plaques in the brain are just a few of the research areas supported by NARFE funds. The national NARFE Alzheimer's Committee will consider additional projects at its meeting this month. Your funds are being well used - and remember every NARFE dollar goes for research.

Recently, questions have been raised about acknowledgement of NARFE donations, especially memorial donations. National Alzheimer’s acknowledges each donation, using the check address or chapter directory addresses. However, national Alzheimer’s does not acknowledge memorial donations to the family of the deceased by a separate letter or card. This is the responsibility of the Federation Alzheimer's Chair or the local chapter.

          I have received copies of chapter acknowledgement letters. This policy has recently been affirmed by national Alzheimer’s. Therefore, memorial donations should be handled the same as regular donations. Obviously, when such donation checks, made payable to Alzheimer’s-NARFE, are forwarded to me information for acknowledging to the deceased family must be included.

Ann Collins, VFC President, and I recently met with the Director of Community Outreach for the National Capital Region Alzheimer's Association. Arrangements have been made for NARFE to assist them with their Health Fairs in Northern Virginia in the coming months. NARFE volunteers will pass out the NARFE magazine and discuss NARFE's financial support for Alzheimer’s research with interested attendees and provide other assistance as needed. Various dates in September are available and other months will be announced. Training will be provided. Shifts are 2-3 hours. Interested volunteers in VFC areas 9 and 10 should contact me for further information.-703/256 7946. This is a great opportunity for NARFE to reach out to our communities and become better known and at some other sites reach Federal agencies not otherwise open to us.

Wilton Ward, Alzheimer's Chair;



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Contact Information – Virginia Members of Congress

As of May 11, 2005


Member of Congress

Washington Office*

Local Office 1

Local Office 2

Ho       Honorable John Warner

United  United States Senate

(Plus other offices in Norfolk and Abingdon)

225 Russell Bldg.

Ph. 202-224-2023

Fax 202-224-6295

5309 Commonwealth Centre Pkwy.

Midlothian, VA 23112

Ph. 804-739-0247

Fax  804-739-3478

1003 1st Union Bank Bldg.

213 S. Jefferson St.

Roanoke, VA 24011

Ph. 540-857-2676

Fax  540-857-2800

E-mail at web form:

Honorable George Allen

United States Senate

(Plus other offices in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, and Abingdon)

204 Russell Bldg.

Ph. 202-224-4024

Fax 202-224-5432

507 E. Franklin St.

Richmond, VA 23219

Ph. 804-771-2221

Fax 804-771-8313

2214 Rock Hill Rd.

Suite 100

Herndon, VA 20170

Ph. 703-435-0039

Fax 703-435-3446

E-mail at web form:

Honorable Jo Ann Davis

Representative  – 1st District

(Plus another office in Tappahannock)

1123 Longworth House Office Bldg.

Ph. 202-225-4261

Fax 202-225-4382

4904-B George Washington Hwy.

Yorktown, VA 23692

Ph. 757-874-6687

Fax 757-874-7164

4500 Plank Rd., Suite 105-A

Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Ph. 540-548-1086

Fax 540-548-1658

E-mail at, then click on “contact”, then click on “Write Your Representative”

Honorable Thelma Drake

Representative – 2nd District

1208 Longworth  House Office Bldg.

Ph. 202-225-4215

Fax 202-225-4218

4772 Euclid Rd., Suite E , Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Ph. 757-497-6859

Fax 757-497-5474

(P.O. Box 62996,

Va. Beach, VA 23466)

23386 Front St.

Accomac, VA 23301

Ph. 757-787-7836

Fax 757-787-9540

(P.O. Box 447

Accomac, VA 23301)

E-mail at, then under “Email Congresswoman Drake” click on “Click Here”.

Honorable Robert “Bobby” Scott - Representative – 3rd District


(Plus a part-time office at Norfolk State University)

1201 Longworth House Office Bldg.

Ph. 202-225-8351

Fax 202-225-8354

501 N. 2nd St.

Suite 401

Richmond, VA 23219

Ph. 804-644-4845

Fax 804-648-6026

2600 Washington Ave.

Suite 1010

Newport News, VA 23607

Ph. 757-380-1000

Fax 757-928-6694

E-mail at

Honorable Randy Forbes

Representative – 4th District


(Plus another office in Emporia)

307 Cannon House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-6365

Fax 202-226-1170

505 Independence Pkwy, Lake Center II, Suite 104

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Ph. 757-382-0080

Fax 757-382-0780

2903 Boulevard, Suite B

Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Ph. 804-526-4969

Fax 804-526-7486

E-mail at, then click on “Contact Us”, then click on “Email Randy”

Member of Congress

Washington Office*

Local Office 1

Local Office 2

Honorable Virgil Goode

Representative – 5th District


(Plus offices in Rocky Mount and Farmville)

1520 Longworth House Office Building

Ph.  202-225-4711

Fax 202-225-5681

104 South First St.

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Ph. 434-295-6372

Fax 434-295-6059

437 Main Street

Danville, VA 24541

Ph. 434-792-1280 OR


Fax  434-797-5942

E-mail at, then click on “Contact Us”, then click on “Write your Rep” under “Office Contact Information”

Honorable Robert Goodlatte

Representative – 6th District


(Plus offices in Harrisonburg and Staunton)

2240 Rayburn House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-5431

Fax 202-225-9681

10 Franklin Rd., S.E.

Suite 540

Roanoke, VA 24011

Ph. 540-857-2672

Fax 540-857-2675

916 Main St., Suite 300

Lynchburg, VA 24504

Ph. 434-845-8306

Fax 434-845-8245

E-mail at, then click on “Contact”, then click on “E-Mail Bob”

Honorable Eric Cantor

Representative – 7th District

329 Cannon House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-2815

Fax 202-225-0011

5040 Sadler Place, #110

Glen Allen, VA 23060

Ph. 804-747-4073

Fax 804-747-5308

763 Madison Rd., # 207

Culpeper, VA 22701

Ph. 540-825-8960

Fax 540-825-8964

E-mail at, then click on “Send Me an Email”

Honorable James P. Moran

Representative – 8th District

2239 Rayburn House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-4376

Fax 202-225-0017

5115 Franconia Rd., Suite B

Alexandria, VA 22310

Ph. 703-971-4700

Fax 703-922-9436

1760 Reston Pkwy, Suite 312

Reston, VA 20190

Ph. 703-481-4339

Fax 703-481-4338

E-mail at, then click on “Let’s Talk”

Honorable Rick Boucher

Representative – 9th District

(Plus another office in Big Stone Gap)

2187 Rayburn House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-3861

Fax 202-225-0442

188 East Main St.

Abingdon, VA 24210

Ph. 276-628-1145

112 N. Washington Ave.

Pulaski, VA 24301

Ph. 540-980-4310

E-mail at

Honorable Frank Wolf

Representative – 10th District

241 Cannon House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-5136

Fax 202-225-0437

13873 Park Center Rd.

Suite 130

Herndon, VA 20171

Ph. 703-709-5800 OR

       800-945-9653 in State

Fax 703-709-5802

110 N. Cameron St.

Winchester, VA 22601

Ph. 540-667-0990 OR

       800-850-3463 in State

Fax 540-678-0402

E-mail at , then click on “Click here to e-mail me”

Honorable Tom Davis

Representative – 11th District

2348 Rayburn House Office Building

Ph. 202-225-1492

Fax 202-225-3071

4115 Annandale Rd.

Suite 103

Annandale, VA 22003

Ph. 703-916-9610

Fax 703-916-9617

13546 Minnieville Rd.

Woodbridge, VA 22192

Ph. 703-590-4599

Fax 703-590-4740

E-mail at, then click on “contact us”, then click on “Email: Click here

*    All Washington Senate offices are at Washington, D.C. 20510.

**   All Washington House offices are at Washington, D.C. 20515.

NARFE/VFC/CTDelaplane, May 11, 2005, 703-461-9663,

Source:  Members’ web sites. NOTE  “www” is shown where needed.  Otherwise, do not use it in the URL line.

Please save this page to have addresses on hand to contact you Congressmen