BJ Thomas McMillin - Membership Chairman


I worked for almost 29 years for the Federal Trade Commission, all of them in Washington, DC. Previously, I taught Spanish and American History in an inner city Middle School. After graduating from the University of Kansas School of Law, I began my federal career as a lawyer in the FTC’s General Counsel’s office. I switched to antitrust law and finally to consumer protection, where I specialized in hi-tech products and problems, such as Spyware. Since retiring in 2005 to the Northern Neck, I have kept busy with a computer group, the Chesapeake Chorale, a photography group, and EfM, a religious study course offered by the Episcopal Church. From time to time, I have also returned - after a 30 year absence - to playing classical piano. I joined NARFE Northern Neck Chapter 1823 in 2005 and served as Membership Chair, Vice President and President. I am excited about working with Membership Chairs throughout Virginia to increase the membership rolls of NARFE. Please check this area often for new features and revisions to old features.

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