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Chapter 595 Colonial Beach, Virginia 22443

Serving Westmoreland, King George, and Colonial Beach

Volume 26, Issue 5 - May 2021

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May 11, 2021 
12 PM at the Hunan

Our speaker this month is Dr. Caryn Self Sullivan, a resident of Colonial Beach. 


President’s Letter: May 2021

Dear Members of Colonial Beach Chapter 595,

So, what is the expression, “April showers bring May flowers!”?   I have flowers in my yard.  What about you?  Can you take a little time away from this great weather to come to our May meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 11, 2021?  As always, our 1st Vice President, Jim Lynch, has lined up an interesting speaker.

The numbers keep going up and up.  More and more people are getting their vaccine.  Are you one of them?  Our Governor has changed some of the requirements for mask wearing and group sizes for those who have been vaccinated.  Do you feel safe to come back to our in- person meeting?  We are still following all CDC guidelines for our chapter meetings.   The Hunan Diner is still not open for in-person dining, so we are the only ones in the restaurant.  The owner, Alan, ensures that all the sanitation guidelines from the CDC are in place.  We enter by the back door and no one is allowed in the front door.  We must use exact change (cash) or a check to pay for our meal.  No credit cards are accepted.  Alan would prefer that we order off of the lunch menu.  If you do, your lunch, tax, and tip will be $11.00.  If do want something else off the menu, that’s okay but you must have exact change.  By following all of these procedures and social distancing during the meeting, we can continue to keep each other safe and still enjoy our meeting.

As you know, NARFE Headquarters has announced that NARFE’s 100th birthday celebration gala and the National Legislation Training (LegCon21) scheduled for June 21-23, 2021 will now be virtual instead of in person.  Registration is now open on the NARFE website.  We decided at our April meeting to have the 100th Anniversary Celebration at our June chapter meeting.  Bert Rollins has already sent me her ideas for the party.  What about you?  What are your ideas?  After all, as I have said before, 100 years is pretty big deal!! 

Our Treasurer, Stan Palen, has briefed me that if we want to add Zoom to our in-person meeting, he has the capability to do this for us.  Are you interested in attending our meeting through Zoom?  Please let me know as soon as you read this message so I can prepare Stan. You can call me at (804)224-3069 or send me an email,

I want to thank everyone who has been making donations to our food bank.  The last few months our total donation has been very generous.  Last month the food bank donation went to King George Dept of Social Services Food Bank.  This months goes to the Colonial Beach Baptist Church. Let’s continue to help our communities as the need is still significant.
Looking forward to seeing you either in person if you feel safe or on Zoom on May 11, 2021 at noon at the Hunan.

Leslie Ravenell, President
Colonial Beach Chapter 595


From our 2nd VP
   Our speaker this month is Dr. Caryn Self Sullivan, a resident of Colonial Beach.  Dr. Sullivan, or Caryn as she likes to be called, calls this area home, having grown up in the Fredericksburg area.  She’s earned her academic  degrees at several colleges including Texas A&M, where she received a PHD in marine mammology studying manatees and dolphins.  She last spoke to us three years ago (May 2018) about her studies of dolphins in the Potomac River.  Among her many endeavors, Dr. Sullivan also serves on the Colonial Beach town council.

Jim Lynch


P.S. FOOD BANK, FOOD BANK, FOOD BANK!! Please don’t forget!


The following is from Fed Week of May 1: 

Telework Rates High, Federal Workforce Happier: How Much Cause and Effect?
OPM has released full results of last year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey showing increases in employee engagement and satisfaction amid high levels of teleworking, meanwhile suggesting that it will soon issue new guidance on telework.

No timetable was given for such guidance, although it likely would not be issued at least until OPM has a confirmed director. That could be soon: nominee Kiran Ahuja is get a vote this week in a committee just a week after a friendly confirmation hearing, with a full Senate vote to follow. Read at

Feds Again Say Poor Performers not Dealt With; Rewards Lacking
As has been the pattern for many years, questions related to rewards for good performance and consequences for poor performance were among the lowest-rated in terms of positive responses in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey conducted last fall. Read at
Ratings of Managers Rise but Long-Time Pattern Continues
Federal employees gave agency management generally higher ratings in a variety of areas in the government-wide survey conducted last fall although they continued the long-time pattern in which opinions decline with each successively higher level of leadership. Read at

Expert’s View: A Potentially Valuable Quirk in the Calendar
There’s a quirk in the 2021 calendar as it applies to the federal leave year that could be financially beneficial for those thinking of retiring around the end of the year, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. You'll find his column at

Does a Roth IRA, or Roth Conversion Make Sense for You?
Traditional IRAs have been available to retirement savers who have earned income since 1974. That’s 23 years longer than Roth IRAs (introduced in 1997) have been on the scene. The big difference between these two types of individual retirement savings vehicles is when you pay federal (and possibly state) income tax on your savings. Read at

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