The 2020 Virginia Federation of NARFE Conference Documents

NOTE: You must save the fillable forms on your computer and then fill them out and print them.

Conference Bulletin 1

There is a correction to Marlyn Riddle's email in the above Memorial Service part of Bulletin 1. It is and a revised due date of February 1, 2020. In Form 20-4 Ray Orland is Advertising chair not Sponsor.

VFN 20-1 Registration Form

VFN 20-1 Registration Form Fillable

VFN 20-2 Individual Supporter Form

VFN 20-2 Individual Supporter Fillable Form

VFN 20-3 Multiple Supporter Form

VFN 20-3 Multiple Supporter Fillable Form

VFNC 20-4 Advertisement Introduction Letter

VFNC 20-4 Addvertisement Introduction Fillable Letter

VFNC 20-5 Exhibitors Letter

VFNC 20-5 Exhibitors Fillable Letter

VFNC 20-6 Exhibitor Contract

VFNC 20-6 Exhibitor Fillable Contract

VFNC 20-7 Ad, Members, Chapters etc.

VFNC 20-7 Ad, Members, Chapters etc. Fillable

VFNC 20-8 Ad Commercial

VFNC 20-8 Ad Commercial Fillable