Chapter 1885
Lake of the Woods

Meets the fourth Thursday in March, May, July, Sept and Dec in the lower level of the Lake of the Woods Club House. Meeting times may vary and may occasionally include a lunch or dinner.

Chapter Activities

  1. Bi-Monthly issues of chapter newsletter emailed to our members, posted on
    this website and on the Lake of the Woods Webpage.
  2. Advise members of current National and State legislative developments.
  3. Participate in Virginia Federation activities.
  4. Provide assistance with benefit services to chapter members.
  5. Chapter email address is

List of Officers

      Clifton D. Wilks

1st Vice-President
      Nicholas Duy

2nd Vice-President
      Shirley Cornwell

      Mary Kay Wilks

      Katherine Merritt

      Shirley Cornwell

National Legislation
      Nicholas Duy

State Legislation
      Nicholas Duy

3rd Vice President
      Katherine Merritt

Public Relations

Social Chairman
      Suzanne Cruser

Service Officer
      Nicholas Duy

      Clifton D. Wilks

Ways and Means
      Mary Ryan

      Shirley Cornwell


Telephone Committee

Newsletter Editor
      Skip Bond

Chapter E-mail Coordinator
      Donna Jackson

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