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Protect your federal benefits and retirement security.

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) is the only association dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the benefits of America's active and retired federal employees and their survivors. For only $40.00 a year, you can have:

*A voice on Capitol Hill

*Advance information on changes to your federal retirement, health, and other benefits

*An award-winning monthly magazine and exclusive website access

*Member perks

*Eligibility for college scholarships and disaster relief grants


NEW!! Please read. At the 2016 NARFE National Convention, a resolution providing for optional chapter membership (16-06) was passed with 69 percent of the votes cast. Now, when a renewal notice is sent, the member must elect to stay in the chapter, the default being a national and state member only for $40. If the member wants to stay in Chapter 111, the dues are $50 with national sending the annual $10.00 Chapter 111 dues back to the chapter. Chapter 111 dues fund the bulk rate permit, printing and mailing the newsletter, newsletter supplies (toner, labels), lunches for guest speakers, raffle tickets and gift baskets, the annual Christmas luncheon, partial payment of travel expenses to the VFC convention, and donations to political campaigns. Please consider remaining a Chapter 111 member when you renew your dues.


Here are three ways you can join NARFE today!

1. Register on line. Click here to go to NARFE's National website.

2. By Telephone: Call NARFE and join using a major credit card. The toll-free number is: 800-627-3394

3. By Mail: Member Application

  (Please identify Chapter 111 as the Local Chapter to join on your application.)  


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